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About Booklink

What is Booklink?
Booklink is a service enabling you to sell books directly to your customers. You simply place the widgets on your website and social media, and customers all over the world can buy your books with one click. Books are printed on demand in Europe and other continents. You decide the price and margin per book, which can be as high as 65%. Booklink provides you with real-time sales data.

How does it work?
Using Booklink is simple: In a few steps you can upload your book, set the price, place widgets on your social media and website, and you are good to start selling! There are no costs attached with using Booklink.

Is Booklink really free?
Yes, you can use Booklink for free. We print books when they are ordered, so there are no upfront costs. We both earn when books are sold, of which the majority of the margin goes to you.

What is a widget?
A widget is a sort of mini-website, which can be placed on your own website, social media, or other websites relevant to your book. We will provide you with a code to use it on your website. The widget contains information about your book (cover, description, title, author, price) and can be placed with one click. Buyers click on the widget and can buy your book right away.

Can I customize the Booklink widgets?
Yes, you can customize the widgets. We offer various kinds of widgets, such as horizontal and vertical widgets and ‘Buy’ buttons. You can easily customize them in size, colour, font, font size, etc.

Who owns the rights to my book if I sell through Booklink?
The rights of the book always belong to you, this is regulated by law. You decide when and for how long the book is for sale through Booklink. You are always free to sell the book through other sales channels as well.

Do I need technical knowledge to use the widgets?
No, user friendliness is important for us. The widgets can be placed on social media with one click. For your own website, we will provide you with a code.

How about books which have already been published?
Already published books are eligible as well to sell directly to your customers with Booklink. We assume that you use the traditional sales channels as well.

Can I update my book?
Yes, you can easily withdraw your book from publication and edit it. This way, you always offer the most recent version of your book. Very useful for (i.e.) educational and training books. Keep in mind that you do have to place a new widget after updating.

Am I obliged to have an ISBN?
No, you are free to decide whether to use an ISBN or not. You can buy the ISBN from us for a small fee, use your own ISBN, or publish the book without ISBN.

Can I buy my own book?
Of course! You can buy your own book at a reduced price. We even offer volume discounts from 3 books already!

How can contact Booklink?
You can email us at, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


Why is my margin so high?
With Booklink you sell directly to your customers, meaning there is no intermediary taking a large part of your margin. We are fine with taking a small margin, leaving the majority to you.

What payment options are there?
Customers can pay with credit card and PayPal.

Are the payments processed safely?
Yes, we make use of the services of Ingenico, a worldwide secure payment provider. All payments are 100% secure.

Can I discount my books?
This depends on the law and differs per country. Be assured that you are allowed to do this. In the United Kingdom, you are allowed to discount your books.

How and when do I get paid?
The royalties are paid monthly via bank transfer.

Print & distribution

How does the printing work?
Printing on demand is used to print the books. We do this in various European countries and soon worldwide. The printers with which we cooperate are carefully selected and manufacture top quality books. Books are always printed as close as possible to the buyer.

Do you offer paperback and hardcover?
Yes, both are possible. You can choose between 7 sizes for paperbacks and 5 sizes for hardcovers. We offer 3 kinds of paper.

Do you distribute worldwide?
Yes, we send books all over the world. We always print as close as possible to the buyer.

Is the customer kept informed?
Yes, the customer can see the status of the order and receives an email when the order is sent.

Can I send books myself as well?
Yes, that is possible. You will first have to buy the books yourself on Booklink and then send the books to your customers. Be aware: this is not applicable to books ordered through widgets, as that is a completely automated process.