1. Booklink makes every possible effort to support and guide you during the publishing and selling process of your book. To accomplish this, Booklink offers the following facilities via its website:
    • Uploading files
    • Book design and layout
    • Widgets and buy buttons per book
    • Webshop environment per book
    • Secure payment environment for your customers
    • Printing & distribution
  2. Booklink guarantees maximum uptime within the limits of its servers.
  3. Booklink is not liable for malfunction of the facilities offered, nor for hacker attacks, nor for down time.
  4. Booklink will do its utmost best to limit down time, should it occur, and to repair any malfunction within the shortest time possible.
  5. Booklink is not in any way responsible for the contents and the copyright regarding books that are sold via its website. The responsibility lies solely with the author(s).