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How it works

What is Booklink

Sell your books online without all the fuss. Use your own website, mobile site and social media fan pages as sales channels. We provide you with the best tools and features to make selling your book as simple as possible (paperback, hardcover and e-books). No fuss about stock, shipping, customer support or online payment. That way, you can focus on the direct relationship with your readers. We take care of everything else!

Upload book

Upload your books (paperback, hardcover, e-book) using PDF, Word or epub.

Set sales price

Determine your own sales price and margin. Your margin can be as high as 65% of your sales price. And there is no risk!

Start selling

Use Booklink tools to create your own store on your websites and social media. We offer various options from embedded website widgets to buy buttons.

Manage sales data

Customers buy the book directly from your site. We print and ship the book (e-books via download link). Sales and customer data is available real-time.

Sell your books without all the fuss

Booklink takes care of everything

Using Booklink is simple. We take care of all processes the moment a book has been purchased via our secure payment module. We print and ship the book, provide you with real-time sales data and pay your margins on a monthly basis. E-books will be delivered directly via a download link. Using Booklink is for free!

Secure payment and support

People who buy your book use our secure payment environment. So you don’t need to own a webshop or endure difficult connections with payment providers.

Printing and shipping

In case of a paperback or hardcover, we print and distribute the book after it is paid. That means no stock is needed. We ship worldwide. E-books will be delivered directly via a download link.

Sales/customer data

All customer data is available real-time, and you are the owner. We keep your data safe, so we do not send your hard-earned customers to third parties, and your customer data remains protected.

Monthly payment

We pay your profit on a monthly basis. Your account offers a clear overview of all royalties. For every payment we create a self-billing invoice which you can use for your own administration.

High margins

As you sell directly to your readers, the margin on your print books can be as high as 65%. E-books even higher!

Your customer data

Don’t send your hard-earned customers to third parties, taking the majority of your margin and your customer data.

No costs, no risks

Using Booklink is for free. There are no costs involved and you earn with each copy sold.

How can we help you?

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An additional service for your customers. Make your content available as printed book or e-book


Make the most out of your content. Use your reach to sell your own books.


Professional author? Sell your books directly to your readers. Manage your own customers.


Get up to 65% margin by selling books directly to your audience via social media and own websites

"The future of publishing is all about really connecting with your readers. And now the technology is there!"

Robert Bosma, Booklink

Create your own widgets

Use our widgets, buy buttons or direct links

Manage your own market and customers. Use your own website and social media reach to sell your books to your network and let them spread the word. Booklink provides widgets and buy buttons which can be placed on your website and social media with just one click. Keep your own customers instead of letting them go to bookstores, who take the majority of your margin and client data.

Robert Bosma
An exciting Booklink example
So this is an example of a Booklink book. Don’t buy this book, it’s just an example and full with lorum ipsum’s. Not a nice read at all. But it shows you what you can do with our widgets!
€19,95 Paperback

Example of a Booklink widget – to be placed on your own (mobile) websites, social media or other relevant sites